Keith Heyward

Filmmaker | Cinematographer | Editor
Keith Heyward in Antarctica

Keith considers himself equal parts scientist and filmmaker. With a Biology degree from Brown University he has worked as a research assistant in labs as well as in the field. As a filmmaker, web developer, and interactive media designer he has created a wide range of media experiences from documentaries and online course videos to multimedia art exhibits and music videos. He has created hundreds of educational videos for a variety of organizations including the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix, Science Channel, NHK Enterprises, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, and UCLA. As both a scientist and an artist he appreciates the similarites between the two disciplines, but is also concerned about the gap between scientific research and science entertainment. He created the Buride Ice interactive website, offering a unique digital experience of the Antarctic Dry Valleys, and has developed many other websites for science related programs and organizations.